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Yoga Retreat: 


I have to say, that the Yoga retreat was a little miracle for me.  It was eye-opening how out of touch I have been with my core and center.  Lots going on in the brain, not so much checking in with the heart / minds-eye these past years.  Thank you so much for the opportunity and for creating such a safe space for discovery.  I'm pumped; but I'm also giving myself time for it all to work its way into the chaos and complication of life!  Slowly but surely.


Last week I had the experience of not taking my sleeping meds three nights in a row and sinking into a peaceful sleep, and that is unheard of for me in recent times.  So I'm motivated to keep working on more holistic ways to address my anxiety/stress.  I read your professional bio and I think you are a really good fit for me, especially with the areas you are now making a focus of your practice.


I'm overjoyed!

Very grateful for this new connection, on a professional and personal level.


p.s. -- Several people were very envious of my retreat experience and I bet you will get some joiners based on word of mouth of this group.  I hope it's something that I will be able to attend as well, so keep me in the loop! 


-Julia P.

Bodywork and Naturopathic Medicine:

I came to Kelly three months ago not knowing exactly what to expect. I felt like I was at a critical moment in my healing process – I was ready to move on from my childhood woundings, but I felt stuck, and I felt that my stuckness was in part tied to having been in trauma for so much of my life that my body didn’t know how to relax into a restful state. I found Kelly’s bio in a systematic search of naturopathic physicians in Seattle, and I just felt safe reading her words; the way that she described bodies and wellness invited me to see myself as whole and her as partner, which was such a different (and healing) experience than I’ve encountered in my lifetime of regular interactions with healthcare professionals. And meeting her – and then working with her – has brought that safe and healing experience full circle, into my body. Kelly’s capacity to hold space for my whole self, to be with my body and invite it into deeper healing, and to support its restoration to balance with her intuitive bodywork and her compassionate presence, and her consistent affirmation that my body is whole and has everything it needs to be healed…it’s changed my life. I not only feel better than I have in years, I am moving out of the trauma and survival mindset that has permeated my life for as long as I can remember, and acting in ways that are brave and grounded and peaceful and true.

I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough.

-Amy R.

Dr. Moyaert’s approach is very personal and life-changing. Now I sleep through the night, no longer have afternoon crashes and have much improved energy. Her thoughtful medical care includes leading me through a therapeutic way of eating that is healing me from the inside out. Above all, she makes me feel as if she’s always by my side, encouraging me that I can do this and it will get better.


-Judy A.

I have been seeing Dr. Moyaert the entire time she has been practicing

at Seattle Integrative Medicine. To say that she was a godsend to me

is an understatement. I have,  in the years she has treated me,  gone

through a series of difficult health problems, from cancer, to mono

which developed into chronic fatigue, to the discovery of a genetic

blood deficiency,  all of which have profoundly affected my immune



All along the way she has shown deep compassion for my attempts to

stay emotionally strong through those difficult  times, but also has done everything possible to support my physical healing. She listens deeply and with the information she gathers from her compassionate listening, she offered a series of healing methods, taking in to consideration my input and my own understanding of my body.  It is such a gift to have another person truly listen to us, but even more rare,  it seems, is this gift available to us in the medical community.  That she also respected my input was invaluable to my sense of my own body and health.

And, when others may have given up doing research on my various maladies, every time I was in to see Dr. Moyaert, she had spent time

researching and had  come up with another potential approach to my health concerns. Her healing touch with massage and body work combined with her deep medical knowledge and willingness to invest time in her patients makes her a remarkable healer. I will deeply miss her here in Seattle, but Colorado is getting a truly generous doctor.


-Nancy S. 

At my first appointment eight years ago with Dr. Moyaert, her kind and compassionate nature left a deep impression on me. Dr Moyaert’s naturopathic treatments and recommendations led to new, yet fun, exercise routines, better food choices, personal reflection, and ultimately,

improved health. She is an empathetic listener who listens carefully, asks questions, and shares potential options for enhancing well-being. I never felt she was rushed or conscious of time limitations, even though when I left appointments, her next patient would be sitting in the waiting room. In my experience there are doctors that are doctors and doctors that are healers. Dr. Moyaert is in the second category because in addition to implementing her knowledge and skill, she treats her patients with insight, sensitivity and understanding. I am grateful for the time she cared for me. As Dr. Moyaert moves her practice to Colorado, I feel a significant personal loss for myself and her Seattle patients, but I realize her work will continue, and now is time for Dr. Moyaert to make a positive impact on the health of a new community.


-Diana M

My name is Maribell and I am a 40 year old female with a long history of unexplained physical pain starting in 2009. I've seen several doctors who have tested and tried to treat me for different "conditions", all with no lasting results. When we moved from Phoenix to Kitsap county, I was referred to Dr. Moyaert and I am extremely grateful that I was. The commute for my visit was arduous as a round trip was two hours, but well worth every second of travel. I've been a patient of Dr. Moyaert's since November 2017 and within the last 9 months, I've had more relief than I've had in the last 9 years being treated by a myriad of other doctors. My past experience with doctors had left me feeling scared to voice my concerns about my physical health. Since the doctors were not able to find a diagnosis for my pain, I was pretty much dismissed or treated just to relieve symptoms for specific areas of my body instead of looking at my body as a whole. Dr. Moyaert was open-minded; hearing my concerns and taking those concerns sincerely with respects to my entire body. She validated my feelings and took the time to explain to me why my body might be feeling or reacting to certain things. Dr. Moyaert's compassion and care is evident within the first few minutes into any visit with her. Through my healing journey with Dr. Moyaert, we have been able to find the right course of treatment for me, to include myofascial release (hands on bodywork), that has drastically improved my day to day functions and overall health.


-Maribell D

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